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Test Tokenizer Patterns for the Dissect filter

This app tries to parse a set of logfile samples with a given dissect tokenization pattern and return the matched fields for each log line.

Syntax compatible with Filebeat, Elasticsearch and Logstash processors/filters.

This instance is using a backend running v7.15.0 of Elastic Beats.
One sample per line
a b
One result per block

New in beats v7.9

beats v7.9 introduced a new feature that allows converting a field from a string (only data type supported until now) into one of integer, long, float, double, boolean, or ip. This type conversion step was usually delegated to a later step in your processing. To take advantage of this new feature you need to provide a valid type after the key using | as a separator. For example:

  - dissect:
      tokenizer: "%{key1} %{key2|integer}"
      field: "message"
      target_prefix: "dissect"

In this case key2 will be casted to an integer value. More information can be found in the official documentation.